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Born and raised in the Deep South, and the son of a preacher, I grew up with music all around me. I studied composition, guitar performance, and music production at colleges in Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. Since then I've played guitar professionally for over 30 years - in Nashville, for the Air Force, and currently in Southeastern Tennessee. In 2015 I retired from the US Air Force after 20 years as a bandsman (guitarist), and now my family and I live in Cleveland, TN where I teach music at UT Chattanooga. Although I have played the electric guitar quite a bit over the years, my acoustic guitar is the one I most often have in my hands these days. 

In my career I've played in a wide variety of musical contexts and styles including rock, country, jazz, folk, Broadway, Classical, and much more. I've played on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, the Grand Ole Opry, numerous radio and television appearances, and stages large and small all over the world. Whatever you might want or need from a guitar - I can make it happen, and have - many times.

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